Bright Yellow Beach Towel

I am currently lounging on North Campus listening to the hustle and bustle of Downtown Athens and a large group of elementary students on a fieldtrip. Oh, did I mention I’m supposed to be studying for finals? I didn’t? Go figure. Ha!

I woke up today thinking it was going to be a miserable rainy Tuesday, at

Good Hair Day

Good Hair Day

least that was what all the weather websites said. I was severely disappointed as I read and believed the lies of weathermen/women. Today was/is my free day. No classes and no work. I wanted sun and blue skies. Miraculously (or not since my mother has always told me to never trust weather predictions . . . I should listen to her more often!) the weather gods smiled down on me and granted my weather wish. I love it when it seems like the world is working for you.

I should probably formally introduce myself, but that’s kind of boring. Besides, if I gain a readership then my posts will speak for themselves. But I will give you a top ten list about myself anyways. Here it goes.

1. I am an Early Childhood Education major at the University of Georgia.

2. I fear failure and rejection.

3. I also have a fear of spiders. It has to do with the way they move and all those legs and their sneaky hideouts and . . . well lets just say that I don’t care if it’s not bothering anyone, if it has the nerve to make it’s presence known to me I will either a) Kill it with no remorse b) Freak out and fake gag until someone kills it or c) Run from the premises while doing a little freak out dance

4. I own a cat named Cleo. She’s a diva.

5. I attract mosquitos like nobody’s business.

6. I can’t burp. No really, I’ve tried. Sometimes a tiny one will just happen, but other than that there is no burps coming out of this mouth. Which is probably why I think it is completely disgusting when other people do it . . . either I really think it’s gross or I’m just jealous. The jury is still out on this one.

7. I am the oldest of four.

8. I have no sisters. It’s so sad. I want one so bad.

9. I can quilt . . . kinda.

10. I am the only person lounging in the grass on North Campus on this marvelous day! What is wrong with everybody?

So here I am, lounging on a bright yellow beach towel, not studying, writing my first blog post of what I hope becomes just one of many, and sending my words out into the void of the internet.

Peace and Love and all that other good stuff.


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