The Summer Projects Begin

So much for posting everyday. Not like anyone is reading this yet, but still. It’s more for a personal challenge.

Well here is what I’ve been up to:

Friday I moved out of my dorm room on campus and back home. You never realize how much stuff you have until you try to cram it into the trunk of a car. Then cram it into an already unorganized room. So my first summer project presented itself: Operation Organization. I will be exploring organization diy projects once I clear out the unneeded junk.

Saturday was spent garage saling (with nothing to show for it), laundry, library, the local fruit and vegetable market (Market Fresh), a impromptu trip to a thrift store that benefits a no-kill dog shelter, and a family movie night. Very good start to summer.

Mother’s Day Sunday was spent cleaning my room and then a trip to my Grandma’s. I am so lucky to have such amazing women role models in my life! Is it weird that I can already say that I’m turning into my mom?

Today was a mix of good and bad. I went to work, then met my friends for lunch at this amazing burger joint downtown, then went to the Botanical Gardens to take pictures (two of my good friends are photojournalism majors), and then came home and cooked a delicious dinner for my family. Dinner turned out awesome but it took me way too long. Now for Operation Learn to Cook. But the bad part of my day was getting a parking ticket for $50. DUMB. There is nowhere on campus to park for free except for this one street. I was told to park there last summer, and I looked on Friday to make sure it still was. It was. But over the weekend someone snuck no parking signs everywhere without warning. So I risked it because everyone else was parked along the street too. Not an excuse I know. But still. $50? RIDICULOUS!

So tomorrow I’m headed over to the Parking Services office to get a permit all the way across campus. Joy.


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