Ode to Mod Podge

Best purchase so far this summer is this:

Mod Podge

Best Purchase of Summer





Mod Podge is an amazing product. I love it.








My first project was an attempt to create magazine holders out of cereal boxes and sprucing them up with fabric. I used left over paint from my bedroom to cover the majority of the box designs. They turned out great…except they aren’t wide enough to hold 8″x11″ paper…whoopsie daisy on my part.

cereal box

Step 1. Cut box to create magazine holder shape

painted boxes

Step 2: Paint boxes desired color and pick fabric

measure for fabric

Step 3. Measure for fabric placement

mod podge at work

Step 4. Mod Podge fabric on box

cereal box magazine holders

Step 5. Sit back and enjoy


On another note, my brother graduated high school recently and I’m in the process of binding a quilt I made as a wedding present for one of my best friends. It was my first quilt that I made all by myself…okay I had a tiny bit of help from my mom, but not enough to make a huge difference. The quilt is a surprise…shhh. My friend doesn’t know this blog exists so I’m not worried about having her find out. I can’t wait to see her reaction. Here is a picture of part of it.

Surprise Wedding quilt

My first quilt and surprise for my best friend's wedding


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