Bitter Sweet

One of my best friends got married today. She was beautiful! The couple is very traditional and saved their first kiss for their wedding day. Let me tell you…it was a good looooonnnngg kiss!

She is the traditional one of our little group, our rock, our “Mom”, and the only one that we can never really get mad at. That being said, the day was very bitter sweet. She is moving up north at the end of July. She will be missed greatly!

Wedding gift

the coolest wedding gift ever.

For my wedding present to this very important couple I made my very first quilt. I placed it in a picnic basket I found at a yard sale. It was a very good gift…not to brag or anything 😉 but I am proud of myself. And speaking of yard sales, my other friend and I saw a sign that read “Yard Sell” on our way to the wedding. It made us laugh.

I will post my step by step process of making the quilt later.

Anyway, I now feel old since I have a married friend. All these changes are a part of growing up though. Growing up is bitter sweet. Sometimes I want to be a kid again, even for a day. Or to just pause time so I can figure out how life could have flown by so fast. It’s one of those questions that I will never have an answer to.

Tomorrow I go kayaking. My first time. I’m excited.


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