My Quiltin’ Experience

I’m such a terrible blogger. That’s all I can say really. No other excuse.

The last time I posted I was going kayaking for the first time! It was really fun. I got a sunburn. And I found out that one of my hidden talents is finding rocks and getting stuck on them. Rocks and I have a magnetic connection. It’s a fact. No pictures unfortunately, but I didn’t want to get my camera wet and ruin it.

I also promised to write about my first quilting experience. So here it goes.

First I looked through all of my mom’s quilting magazines to find patterns I liked and would meet my beginner level of experience . . . not to mention my limited budget. Once I found it (I can’t remember which magazine, but if I can find it I will be sure to let you know), a scrappy quilt that just required strips and triangles, I went through my mom’s stash and picked out fabric, cutting them to size.

quilt choiceOnce I had my pieces cut out, I randomly paired them up, keeping to the scrappy look. Then I cut my squares into triangles and chain stitched the blocks.

making the blocksThen I squared them up and laid the blocks out. I did this because I’m a control freak and couldn’t handle it if a block was next to one that shared fabric. I made one strip and one square out of each fabric you see.

layout of first quiltI played with the arrangement and eventually (with some help) came up with the idea to arrange it so that there was a heart in the bottom right corner.

heartOnce I was satisfied I stacked the rows together and put them in baggies with labels to indicate the row number. Then I sewed them together.

organized sewingThen I just sewed the top together. Easy-peasy.

completed quilt top

Choosing a back was next.

quilt backing

Finally I sent it off to the long-arm quilter. It was a big quilt and I was running out of time! Binding it and putting on a label was the last step.


I thought I was going to have a lot more trouble than I did. I tend to get easily frustrated with these kind of projects, but surprisingly I found quilting very enjoyable. I think that the quilting bug bit me during this experience.

Which led to more projects.

Like a new laptop case. All last year my poor MacBook didn’t have a home…and suffered becasue of it. Being a college student I carried it everywhere, in my backpack mostly. Just bouncing around on my back through sun, rain, and snow. So I thought that it would probably do some good to protect the computer that holds a majority of my life within. I made the case by making a long rectangle of some cool fabric, batting (badding? I’ve never had to spell this before…), and then adding some velcro. Simple and effective. My Mac is styling.

laptop caseI am also working on a original wall hanging that looks like a set of double doors. Once I finish I will post more about that experience. I am also working on another quilt. This time I am making it for myself, but we’ll see if I end up giving it away as a gift. I’m generous like that.

In other news I am going on a beach trip at the end of July. I am soooo excited. I really need to get away.

Summer is flying by. Time speeds up as you get older, based on my experience at least. I will also try to post more often . . . but you’ve heard that one before . . . 😉


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